RSPB Wild Gin

Discover our RSPB Wild Gin

The Old Curiosity celebrates all that is wild. Their passion for nature is shared with the RSPB and a joint expedition to the Forsinard Flows Nature Reserve inspired ‘Wild’. Which is created with freshly distilled Sweet Cicely, Bog Myrtle, Dwarf Birch and six other indigenous botanicals. These herbs perfectly capture the character of the wild lands of the flow country and are also found in The Old Curiosity’s Secret Herb Garden.

‘Wild’ is a twist on a classic London Dry gin, distilled to perfection. It is a complex drink that allows the flavors of the indigenous herbs to come through in taste and aroma, resulting in a complex yet beautifully balanced gin that surprises with every sip.  

Not only does the flavour of this gin encapsulates the flow country, but the packaging is designed entirely to benefit wild life as much as possible. With a gift box which can be re-used as a bird house and a swing tag that is impregnated with seeds which can be planted directly into the ground to grow new plant life. The label itself is made from 30% grass.